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Loving Kindness/Wise Compassion

Dec 11, 1996 04:11 PM
by Dave Kirk

Mark at ArtHouse  <> wrote:

>Lastly, lets try not to get too ossified in the distinctions of the
>planes. We are also strongly cautioned against that, and are reminded in
>the very first principle of the Secret Doctrine that all of these
>separations are maya. There is but one substance-principle. THAT is real
>identity. Thou art THAT! The boys are THAT, The girls are THAT. The cats
>and dogs are THAT. If we open inwardly to the THAT truth, the
>resolutions to all of these problems will become apparent.

Well said.

My sainted aunt, another quote:

          This is It
        and I am It
     and you are It
     And so is That
       and he is It
and she is It and it is It
    and that is That

        -James Broughton


- Dave Kirk
  New Zealand

>"Once you turn it off, there are an infinite number of channels
>to choose from."
>	-Another bus voice

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