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Re: Sexism, "Freedom of Speech"

Dec 11, 1996 03:51 PM
by Dave Kirk

Hi, Folks;

I've been reading this list for long enough, so I guess it's time for a
quick intro:

I've been a TS member for about thirty years, but am no longer a member.

However, I feel I'll always take an interest in the progress and new
directions taken (if any) of the TS in general.

Since I joined at age 18, my interest has been primarily in the 'mystical'
processes of consciousness (Goldsmith, Krishnamurti, etc) as opposed to a
more philosphical approach; in fact, this is the only way things now seem to
"work" for me.
Permit me to make an observation here:

Tom Roberson, while I don't understand some points you are making, :-) I
truly respect your right to make them. Many of us still feel threatened if
others present ideas which are different from ours, and we can still react
despite our comparative experience & "learning."

This I understand, as I myself am continually discovering that under certain
circumstances I still sprout horns. (But I can safely say that awareness
brings opportunity for change.)


>To refuse a hearing to an opinion because they are certain that it is false
is to assume that their certainty is the same as absolute certainty. All
silencing of discussion is an assumption of infallability.
Though the silenced opinion may be in error, it may, and very commonly does,
contain a portion of truth; and since the prevailing opinion on any subject
is rarely or never the whole truth it is only by the collision of adverse
opinions that the remainder of the truth has any chance of being supplied.
Even if the received opinion be the whole truth, unless it is contested it
will be held in the manner of a prejudice, with little comprehension of its
rational grounds.

If there are any persons who contest a received opinion let us thank them
for it. In an imperfect state of the human mind the interests of truth
require a diversity of opinion.

>To every shade of thought, religious, scientific, political, economic, and
social; to every craze, fad, dogma, heresy, and inspiration; there should be
accorded a forum, a soap box, a ton of type, and, subject to a subsequent
responsibility for utterances, full liberty of speech and print.


- Dave Kirk
  New Zealand

>"Once you turn it off, there are an infinite number of channels
>to choose from."
>	-Another bus voice

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