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Re: The Russian Doll

Dec 05, 1996 05:47 AM
by Tom Robertson

Richard Ihle wrote:

>"Oh yes," the core philosophy might proclaim, "individuals ARE different just
>because of their differences in PSYCHOGENETIC DEGREE.  The soul of each
>occupies his or her own special place along the Continuum leading toward
>perfect Self/Universal-Soul-Awareness . . . but unfortunately the little,
>penultimate Buddhi-manas doll is the last one that anyone has been able to
>find and tell about." . . .

This makes me think of one of the main points in Ken Wilber's "Sex, Ecology,
Spirituality," which is that there is nothing that is not both a whole and a
part, implying an infinite hierarchy, which assumes that the principle can
be applied infinitely in both directions.  Theosophy's stress of consistency
of principle is my greatest attraction to it, so that all of this makes
sense to me.  It implies that there are no concrete ultimates, such as a
personal God or a whole universe, and that there is no final development of
any individual, but that the seeking of a balance between growth and rest in
an upward spiral is eternal.

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