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Re: Is There a "Universe?

Dec 05, 1996 05:46 AM
by Art House

Tom Robertson wrote:

>I hope to hear from someone who knows some detail
>about how HPB saw what she called the "universe."

Right off the bat
in the Secret Doctrine, Vol 1, page 13 you find this:

The reader has to bear in mind that the Stanzas given treat only of the
Cosmogony of our own planetary system and what is visible around it,
after a Solar Pralaya. The secret teachings with regard to the Evolution
of the Universal Kosmos cannot be given, since they could not be
understood by the highest minds in this age, and there seem to be very
few Initiates, even amongst the greatest, who are allowed to speculate
upon this subject. Moreover the Teachers say openly that not even the
highest Dhyani-Chohans have ever penetrated the mysteries beyond those
boundaries that separate the milliards of Solar systems from the
"Central Sun," as it is called. Therefore, that which is given relates
only to our visible Kosmos, after a "Night of Brahma."

The terms "universe" and "Kosmos" do seem to get tossed around in the
literature a lot and used to refer to both solar and galactic systems.
Inferences about super-galactic or "larger" systems are by analogy,
until the whole thing slips through your mental fingers and you find
yourself running to the books again!

There is no cause for trouble
for no longer is there anyone here
but the one
and even the one is gone

Mountains and valleys
in perfect accord
compliment each other
quite naturally

These are all assessments of size, albeit really big sizes. (And we all
know size doesn't matter!) Try as you might, you just can't wrap a
thought around that which can't be measured.

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