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Sexual Slavery - A Quote

Dec 04, 1996 09:45 PM
by M K Ramadoss


Here is an excerpt from "The Paradoxes of the Highest Science" by Eliphas
Levi in which there were footnotes by E.O. I think it may interest some here
in light of all the discussion we had on Sex etc.

   "Woman's mission is to become the mother of future occultists -- of those
who will be born without sin. On the elevation of of woman the world's
redemption and salvation
hinge. And not till woman bursts the bonds of her sexual slavery, to which
she has ever
been subjected, will the world obtain an inkling of what she really is and
her proper
place in the economy of nature. Old India, the India of the Rishis, made the
sounding with her plummet line in this ocean of Truth, but the post
Mahabharatean India, with all her profundity of learning, has neglected and
forgotten it.

    "The light that will come to it and to the world at large, when the
latter shall discover and really appreciate the truths that underlie this
vast problem of sex, will be like 'the light that never shone on sea or
land,' and has to come to men through the Theosophical Society. That light
will lead on and up to the "true spiritual intuition." Then the world wil
have discovered that individuals 'have it in their own power' to procreate
Buddha-like children or -- demons. When that knowledge comes, all dogmatic
religions, with these the demons, will die out."

MKR: One of the strongest statements I have seen in a publication of TS on
the issue of Sex. I think there is something to think about.

MK Ramadoss

PS: The ^^^^^^^   marks are mine.

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