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Re: Sexism

Dec 04, 1996 08:39 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Tom Robertson wrote:

> It is natural for men to dominate women, since they are stronger, both
> physically and volitionally.  Most women want this, preferring men to be the
> leaders.  "Exploitation" has negative connotations of injustice, which is
> distinct from domination.
> >> In this world we live in now, it is considered "inferior" to think
> >> emotionally, whereby those who think logically are considered "superior."
> >> If someone put two people in front of us, and asked us to choose who we
> >> would want to lead, or be in authority - whom do you think we would choose
> >> if we took as law the statement you claim to agree with?
> I do not understand what it means to think emotionally.  I do not regard
> your question as very difficult, since I would choose a leader who acted as
> a result of thinking logically over one who acted emotionally without
> hesitation.  That is one reason why men are leaders, since they do this
> better than women do.  I would not want to count on an emotional leader to
> win a war for me.
> >       Actually, what is needed is a good balance of logic and emotion.
> They both have their purposes.  Emotion is a good source of information.
> Logic is a tool for determining truth.  Being "emotional," though, in the
> sense of acting irrationally, as opposed to thinking logically, is a
> typically feminine weakness.

	Annie Besant wrote that all who believe in the Brotherhood of Humanity
belong in the Theosophical Society, and those who do not believe are
still our brothers (in a genderless sense, of course). Mr. Robertson is
my brother, but I believe that he clearly demonstrates his disagreement
with the 3 Objects, in any of the methods of stating them, in his

	Bart Lidofsky

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