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Dec 04, 1996 11:34 PM
by kymsmith

Tom honked:

>It is natural for men to dominate women, since they are stronger, both
>physically and volitionally.  Most women want this, preferring men to be the


>I do not understand what it means to think emotionally.  I do not regard
>your question as very difficult,

I think you do, and it wasn't supposed to be.

>I would not want to count on an emotional leader to win a war for me.

We have for centuries (you know, that me-first, anger stuff, I have a bigger
u-know-what). . .I'm sick of it, too.  Let's give the ladies a try.

>Being "emotional," though, in the sense of acting irrationally, as opposed
to >thinking logically, is a typically feminine weakness.

I take it you've recently been dumped. . .?

>This implies that you regard generalizations as having no exceptions, when
>it is just the opposite.  There are all kinds of logical women and emotional
>men, but that does not make the general statement false.  I neither see how
>it is simplistic nor how it shortchanges anyone.  To say that, in general,
>men and women are exactly as logical and as emotional as each other, as you
>are implying, does not avoid making generalizations, which seems to be your

I'm implying exactly?  Thanks for the news flash.  Let me repeat: men and
women are capable of both types of thinking.  No, I'm against the
discriminatory, exploitative, "negative" generalizations.  Generalizations
that all people are intrinsically good, or all people are equal in their
humanity, or men and women are capable of both types of thinking are, to me,
"positive" generalizations.

>In many cases, it is true.  PMS and irrationality are correlated.

PMS is also cited in murder cases, which leads us to the assumption,
following your example of course - PMS and murder are correlated.  If that
is true, Tom, I suspect you speak more softly around the women you may
encounter, save this garbage for your belching buddies.

No, Tom, less and less people are willing to take this kind of ignorant
crap.  It has caused untold suffering, pain, and division.  Men and women
who think like this have 'led' this world straight into the dung heap too
many times for this sufferer of PMS. Not all of us are for learning the same
lessons over and over again. Nor are some of us willing to keep our mouths
shut anymore - we're learning to yell as loud as those who have ruled the
world for so long.  Took some of us awhile, but the day is dawning.

Theosophists who speak as you do, and there are many, blacken the name of

You know, the goal of theosophy is Compassion - oh yes! that illogical,
emotional, sappy concept.

What Tom-foolery have we here?!


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