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Re: Sexual Slavery - A Quote

Dec 05, 1996 08:50 PM
by kymsmith

Ramadoss offered this quote:

>Here is an excerpt from "The Paradoxes of the Highest Science" by Eliphas
>Levi in which there were footnotes by E.O.
>   "Woman's mission is to become the mother of future occultists -- of those
>who will be born without sin. On the elevation of of woman the world's
>redemption and salvation hinge. And not till woman bursts the bonds of her
>sexual slavery, to which she has ever been subjected, will the world obtain
an >inkling of what she really is and her proper place in the economy of
nature. Old >India, the India of the Rishis, made the first sounding with
her plummet line in >this ocean of Truth, but the post Mahabharatean India,
with all her profundity >of learning, has neglected and forgotten it.


1. A woman's role is to be a mother.

2. A woman is to "burst the bonds of her sexual slavery" by her and the
world's     recognition that sex is for procreation only.  A call for
adoption of the    "Madonna complex?"

At first, I liked the "burst the bonds of her sexual slavery, to which she
has ever been subjected," but upon closer examination I think it is saying
what I concluded above. Yes? No?

>    "The light that will come to it and to the world at large, when the
>latter shall discover and really appreciate the truths that underlie this
>vast problem of sex, will be like 'the light that never shone on sea or
>land,' and has to come to men through the Theosophical Society. That light
>will lead on and up to the "true spiritual intuition." Then the world wil
>have discovered that individuals 'have it in their own power' to procreate
>Buddha-like children or -- demons. When that knowledge comes, all dogmatic
>religions, with these the demons, will die out."

This too is implying that sex is only for procreation.  And the "purer" the
sex, the more Buddha-like children????  By the way, what's a demon as stated
Having said that, what's a Buddha-like child?


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