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Re: Copyright 1900 letter...

Dec 02, 1996 06:17 AM
by Patrick Alessandra Jr.

> By "source
> copyright," do you mean that you are giving notice that you are
> not sure whether the letter was copyrighted, therefore you are
> reproducing it without permission; but if the letter was
> copyrighted after all, you are hereby giving notice that it might
> be protected by copyright; but you are illegally reproducing the
> letter anyway, because your motives are honorable?

     If a letter is found, for example, as an ancient document, and no
copyright is found or known, then whether or not it is in the public
domain a person may put a copyright notice on the media (book, email,
etc.) in which it is published.  That is all that was done.  There was
never any claim made to exclusive copyright for the letter.

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