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Dec 01, 1996 10:18 PM
by kymsmith

Tom wrote:

>This depends on what is meant by sexism.

Sexism is: 'the economic exploitation and social domination of members of
one sex by the other, specifically of women by men' - Webster's Dictionary.
I agree with this definition.

>Since I agree that men are more logical than women and that women are more
>emotional than men, in no sense do I consider these contentions to be
sexist.  The >"divine wisdom" does not mean promoting harmful ideas, but it
does not mean not >seeing differences between groups of people, either.

In this world we live in now, it is considered "inferior" to think
emotionally, whereby those who think logically are considered "superior."
If someone put two people in front of us, and asked us to choose who we
would want to lead, or be in authority - whom do you think we would choose
if we took as law the statement you claim to agree with?  To say that "men
are more logical than women and that women are more emotional then men" is,
and I use this term again, simplistic.  And it horribly shortchanges
individuals and society.  It is this kind of thinking that leads to social
domination - how many of us have heard a women being dismissed with the
expression, "She's definitely on the rag!" or "must be PMS!" when she
strongly voices an opinion.  Women are kept from positions of management
(economic exploitation) with the imagined fear they may be too easily
manipulated.  How many times have we seen men bury emotional expressions
simply because they fear they may be seen as "weak" or even "gay," which
will apply a feminine label to the male rendering him below, or inferior, to
other males?

Logic implies strength and clear thinking.  Emotion implies weakness and
muddled thinking.

Men and women are capable of both types of thinking.

>If Aryans really are superior, what is wrong with regarding them so?  Unless
>the spiritual development of all individuals is identical, there have to be
>laggards.  I see no virtue in not making comparisons.

What criteria do you use in making comparisons?  I don't know if race and
Aryan are interchangeable terms - it seems sometimes they are and aren't.  I
thought race in theosophy meant awareness, and/or types of consciousness and

All I know is that we have seen the results of those who claim to be
qualified to judge who's Aryan and who's not, or who's a laggard and who's
not, being erroneous with dire and lethal consequences - employing divine
wisdom as justification for heinous acts.

pax vobiscum,


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