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Re: THEOS-L digest 744

Dec 01, 1996 10:52 PM
by kymsmith

Richard wrote:

>I just hit the button to send off my latest post to Alan and then I see a
>PRIVATE POST coming in from Kym.  The latter turns out to be just about as
>cordial and good-humored as you can imagine, and of course I now feel worse
>than Ann on "Lemming Day.". . .

Perfect timing, I see. :-)

>My apologies to Kym.

Apology accepted.  However, I feel kind of weird saying that, since, in
reality, you were just giving me a dose of my own medicine.  'Tis good I
think for that to happen every once in a while. . .lessons learned.

Nothin' like a big ole' piece of humble pie (actual humble pie is made of
deer entrails) - and, let me tell you, "pretend" humble pie goes down just
about as easily.

My apologies to you, Richard.

pax vobiscum,


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