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Re: Copyright 1900 letter...

Dec 02, 1996 08:55 AM
by Patrick Alessandra Jr.

> > By "source
> > copyright," do you mean that you are giving notice that you are
> > not sure whether the letter was copyrighted, therefore you are
> > reproducing it without permission; but if the letter was
> > copyrighted after all, you are hereby giving notice that it might
> > be protected by copyright; but you are illegally reproducing the
> > letter anyway, because your motives are honorable?
>      If a letter is found, for example, as an ancient document, and no
> copyright is found or known, then whether or not it is in the public
> domain a person may put a copyright notice on the media (book, email,
> etc.) in which it is published.  That is all that was done.  There was
> never any claim made to exclusive copyright for the letter.

     Also, the procedure followed is concordant with Section 107 (fair
use) of U.S. Code Title 17 (copyright law).

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