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Re: We Were Once All Brothers

Oct 26, 1996 10:45 PM
by RIhle

Richard Ihle writes-->
 > Forget it.  I don't want any more messing around with THE THREE OBJECTS.
 > is, in my opinion, the thing which should never, ever [again] be changed
under any
 > circumstances.  The Theosophical Society needs one permanent, indelible,
 > sacred statement which can never be altered and by means of which all
 > of all leaders, past and present, can be measured and held to strict

Bart Lidofsky writes-->
The Three Objects have been altered no less than 5 times since the founding
of the Theosophical Society.

Thanks.  I did not know this.  However, I still "don't want any more messing
around with THE THREE OBJECTS."  One reason is given above.  You provide the
other reason:  "There are places where the Objects are vague (for example,
the 2nd object, where the adjective, "comparative" can have 3 different
meanings, either modifying the word "religion" alone, modifying the words
"religion", "science", and "philosophy" indiidually, or modifying the three
together, the idea of comparing religious, scientific, and philisophical
ideas with each other."

In short, what is next on the change-agenda after ~brotherhood~?  If I
thought simply changing ~brotherhood~ would be the end of it, I would
probably go along with it.  If I thought the entire new TI version of the
OBJECTS could be substituted for the original and never be changed after
that, I would probably go along with it.

However, neither of these two things seem likely.  What seems likely is that
if THE THREE OBJECTS begins to be regarded as something that can and should
be changed from time to time, it will probably ~not~ be my mostly
right-thinking friends on theos-l who will be doing the changing.

Perhaps one might like to see this as a new "OBJECT":  "To promulgate only
true Theosophy, i.e., the inerrant doctrines found in the works of H.P.
Blavatsky and her Masters."

No?  Well, I can think of some people who would--and they all got a lot more
votes in the last election than anyone on the theos-l list.

Thus, I have to agree:  the "illusion" that THE THREE OBJECTS is something
not meant to be tampered with probably has prevented and still prevents a lot
of "change". . . .

Well, actually, you are confusing objects with bylaws.

Well, actually, I am getting my feelings hurt by people telling me that I am
merely a confused person (Alan before you).

I find that a trip to THE MAHATMA LETTERS can often be most helpful, as well.

When they start coming to you, you'll be in business. . . .


Richard Ihle

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