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We Were Once All Brothers? Wrong!

Oct 26, 1996 10:02 AM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>,
>Forget it.  I don't want any more messing around with THE THREE OBJECTS.  It
>is, in my opinion, the thing which should never, ever be changed under any
>circumstances.  The Theosophical Society needs one permanent, indelible,
>sacred statement which can never be altered and by means of which all actions
>of all leaders, past and present, can be measured and held to strict account.

Sacred? SACRED? To use a term which in *today's* world dimisses half of
the world's population by, in effect, calling them "brothers" when they
are in fact sisters?  It is *impossible to form a "brotherhood" ...
"Without distinction of ... sex."  In today's language the beginning of
the first object is hardly "sacred" - it is plain nonsense which I and
many others REJECT as expressing anything spiritual, and certainly not
the spirit of theosophy.

Are you willing to join a Society whose first object is to form a
nucleus of the sisterhood of humanity?

Or would that not be sacred?

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