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Re: We Were Once All Brothers

Oct 26, 1996 09:00 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> From:
> Not everyone has to have the same idea, right?
> I mean, someone on theos-l could say something that no one else liked but
> other people would still like him or her as a person, wouldn't they?
> Wouldn't they?

In my observations, the most animosity is saved for those who enter on this
and decide to talk down to everyone else.  I don't believe you are in that

> Will the modern women see this one word and think that the Theosophical
> Society is just another male-dominated organization?  Maybe some will, I
> don't know.  On the other hand, maybe some will stay long enough to look
> "B" facts--Blavatsky, Besant, Bailey, Burnier etc. and conclude something
> quite different about the real Who's Who in the Society, past and
present. .

Your post made me wonder who is influential in any matter.  I'm still a
relative newbie to the TS World, while many here know the ins-and-outs of
political and historical forces within.  Who, in the last and final
decision, will be
the one to change anything at all?  Will it be TPTB?  Us?  The government?
The membership?  A revolution at the steps of Adyar and Olcott?

Personally, I don't KNOW if a male-dominated Society.  I'm not at Olcott,
so I can't
tell what is happening, although since Raha and Dorothy Abbenhouse have
to high position, I assume there is no problem.  I don't feel the language
necessarily reflects male-domination at TS.  It is simply a matter of
keeping up
with a movment that is widespread.

But what I think is only on small part of a larger group - and yours is
part of
that, to be considered.

-Ann E. Bermingham

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