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Re: We Were Once All Brothers

Oct 26, 1996 07:29 PM
by Bart Lidofsky wrote:

> OK, then put me down as the last person in cyberspace to not to want to
> change one jot or tittle of THE THREE OBJECTS--and that especially includes
> ~brotherhood~.

	I won't dislike you; I will, however, make a few points, and hope that
inpsires you to make a few counterpoints back (or even agree with me!).
And, to encourage you to stay, I will answer you in the style I use
under the New York Theosophical Society Internet account, rather than
the somewhat less polite style I use under my own name.

> Forget it.  I don't want any more messing around with THE THREE OBJECTS.  It
> is, in my opinion, the thing which should never, ever be changed under any
> circumstances.  The Theosophical Society needs one permanent, indelible,
> sacred statement which can never be altered and by means of which all actions
> of all leaders, past and present, can be measured and held to strict account.

	The Three Objects have been altered no less than 5 times since the
founding of the Theosophical Society. In addition, they have been
translated into many other languages all over the world. There are
places where the Objects are vague (for example, the 2nd object, where
the adjective, "comparative" can have 3 different meanings, either
modifying the word "religion" alone, modifying the words "religion",
"science", and "philosophy" indiidually, or modifying the three
together, the idea of comparing religious, scientific, and philisophical
ideas with each other.

	In addition, the English language itself changes over the years. It's
not so bad yet that one needs a translation for the Three Objects, but a
lot of understanding of the Secret Doctrine and Isis Unveiled is
dependent on knowledge of language and culture of the late 19th century.
The terms "Man" and "mankind" are almost archaic at this point; 30-40
years from now they will be.

> And by this THREE-OBJECT measure, I find much that is blameworthy.  What in
> THE THREE OBJECTS says that a lodge can be expelled for too much interest in
> an author other than H.P.B.?  What in THE THREE OBJECTS says that the
> Russians must be kept out until they can pass an entrance exam?  What in THE
> THREE OBJECTS frowns on psychics and magicians?

	Well, actually, you are confusing objects with bylaws. I am getting a
copy of the bylaws of TSA and possibly Adyar in a few days (there are
some changes which need to be made to the New York bylaws, and I need
the TSA and Adyar bylaws for reference). They are available to any
member, and outline exactly under what conditions a Lodge may be
expelled. In my opinion, it is too easy to do so, and am actively
lobbying to make it more difficult. In the meantime, with the current
regime, I don't think that it's an issue to worry about, as they seem to
be much more sympathetic towards politically incorrect beliefs.

> I say that in the struggle to restore egalitarianism and freedom of thought
> within The Theosophical Society our only ally is a simple question:  "How is
> this new policy or this new action justified by or related to THE THREE

	I find that a trip to THE MAHATMA LETTERS can often be most helpful, as

	Bart Lidofsky

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