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Re: message of theosophy -- using English terms

Oct 26, 1996 10:51 PM
by CDGertrude

> In message <>, "Eldon
> B. Tucker" <> writes
> >"universal brotherhood"
> >as an English term was coined to represent an excellent idea, but since it's
> >come to symbolize the second-class status of women in the past, it evokes
> >outrage, and no longer communicates the grand ideas behind it
> Yea verily!
> Alan
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And think of the controversy that was begun when the
Revised Standard Version of the Bible was suggested as a
replacement for the King James Version.....
Unfortunately...even the RSV was replaced with "Good News"
and other "modernized" versions of the Bible.

As we speak, the "new" Lutheran liturgy...which I finally being replaced by a "new" liturgy.....
Why can't this happen with the Theosopical Society?

Gertrude (the busy) Churchmouse
(busy learning the new liturgy)

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