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TI Revisited

Oct 22, 1996 04:10 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, Bart Lidofsky
<> writes
>Dr. A.M.Bain wrote:
>> Theosophy International has already completed this exercise.
>       And I believe it can be better. And I HAVE read your entire page,
>several times (as you keep updating the articles).

Dear Bart,

I have read your post very carefully, and filed it for further
consideration.  I for one can see some merit in your thoughts, but what
you may not know is that the TI members underwent a great deal of
individual (and boy, we cane all be *very* individual <g>) soul-
searching during the formulation of the TI statement as it now stands.
It took a great many posts to theos-l and theos-buds in the early part
of this year.  Maybe there will be more, but we have set up another list
for this, called TI-L which is "owned" by John Mead and myself, though
he asked me to take the main responsibility for TI-L.  You will find
subscription info in another post to *this* list.

Being a consensus network, the Statement as it stands is a consensus
document, and I should think that all of the members have set aside some
of the finer points and personal preferences in order to agree on what
is still only somewhere to start.

So, in a sense, welcome to the debate - glad you could join it. Maybe
you find sufficient of value in it to "sign up" - it won't cost you
anything, as I cannot say I have seen your raising any great objections
on matters of fundamental principle.

TI, in a large part, is a lobbying group advocation change - but within,
not outside of the theosophical movement in general.  I am sure we could
do it and put it better.  You would be more than welcome to help!

Alan :-)
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