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Re: Language

Oct 22, 1996 03:56 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, Bart Lidofsky
<> writes
>       Michael Gomes is making a career of updating the language of the
>Primary Literature, and we're lucky enough to have him as the librarian
>at the NYTS. I just tried to convince him to monitor these lists on the
>NYTS Internet account (people have enough trouble understanding my own
>opinions here without having them figure out a split personality between
>my own account and being the official representative of the NYTS).
>Unfortunately, he's too busy with his other projects.

Well good luck to Michael Gomes!  I should think he is very busy undeed!
However, spily personality or not, maybe you could keep us all posted on
his progress.  Crucial Aquarian Age question: will he put his work in
the public domain?  (Esp. the electronic domain).

A discussion on this theme has just been started by MKR of the ti-l
list, which only has 22 subscribers right now.  To receive the list (it
comes in digest form as standard, but you can change the options) send a
message (no subject, and no "sig") to with the single

subscribe ti-l <your name>

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