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Re: Love Revisited

Oct 21, 1996 08:14 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Dr. A.M.Bain wrote:

> Theosophy International has already completed this exercise.
	And I believe it can be better. And I HAVE read your entire page,
several times (as you keep updating the articles).

> 1. To form a nucleus within the universal human family, without
>    distinction of sex, sexual orientation, creed, class, or color.

	Good, but not enough (for those who jump on everything that doesn't fit
into their world-view, this is, of course, my OWN opinion, which,
according to the rules of TI, I have every right to voice). I think it
changes the intent somewhat. At one point, it was "to form the nucleus
of a Brotherhood of Man", but that was considered wrong, because we
aren't THE nucleus, and there is not more than one "Brotherhood of Man".
The current (or soon to be current) incarnation is "to form a nucleus of
the Brotherhood of Humanity"; certainly better, but not good enough, but
at least retaining the intent. I feel like the TI one changes the
intent; especially substituting "within" for "of"; I would be interested
in the thinking behind that.

> 2. To encourage and engage in the study of comparative religion,
>    theosophy, philosophy, and the scientific method, according to
>    individual ability and inclination."

	Actually, that goes in the wrong direction, IMNSHO. First of all,
translations of the Objects to other languages (at least the TS version)
make it clear that it is the study comparing religion, science, and
philosophy; comparative religion is a term of Christian origin
(comparing other religions to Christianity; most universities that have
departments have renamed them from "Comparative Religion" to just plain
"Religion", except of course for the Christian colleges, which retain
the adjective). The term "theosophy" I believe to be redundant in this
case, and I find "scientific method" too narrowing. I am not sure about
what the phrase "according to individual ability and inclination" adds
and would appreciate enlightenment at this point.

> 3. To investigate mysteries of nature and unrealized human
>    potential and abilities, with an underlying respect for all
>    life.

	I like it on an absolute basis, but I find that the phrase "with an
underlying respect for all life" creates an effective 4th objective, and
I find that "to investigate mysteries of nature" makes it more poetic
but less rational. "Unrealized human potential and abilities" is, on the
other hand, a much better phrase than "the powers latent in humanity".

	One of the main things that attracted me to the Theosophical Society in
the first place is the concept that one must use one's own facilities to
determine the truth or falsehood of the doctrine; the Objects, in my
opinion, should reflect this.

	Bart Lidofsky

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