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Re: We are all people

Oct 20, 1996 11:32 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> From: John Straughn <>
> Ann E. Bermingham writes:
> >Can you show how the removal of ego and attraction to the atman is going
> >help us in the modernization and updating of TS around the world?
> You can still modernize and update the TS literature by changing the
> that don't need to be changed without giving in to the personal self and
> personal self of others.(pers. self = ego)  <snip>I am not debating with
> those who are changing the words so that humanity will better understand
> literature of the past, I am arguing with those who are changing the
> because they feel that their gender is being demeaned.

The question is *who* determines *when* another is "giving in to the
personal self".  Who makes those
rather judgemental and all-knowing decisions?  That infers that you, as a
truly wise person, "knows" when "we" are "giving in to our personal
selves."  That might put you on the level of a guru or spiritual teacher,
or aspiring to be one in this particular Theosophical circle.  IMHO, I
think a truly wise person who has that kind of insight and intuitive
knowledge (gnosis) probably observes, then lets people work it out for

BTW, are you a member of TS and for how long?  Most of the people I have
met on this list have been
members of various TS organizations for a lot longer than I have - decades.
 For some reason, they have never been concerned with "giving in to their
personal self", at least on a public basis.  They seem to be more concerned
with TS and how its functioning could be improved.  That seems to be the
focus of
most discussion, although we wander a bit, now and then.

-Ann E. Bermingham

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