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Re: We are all people

Oct 20, 1996 07:46 AM
by John Straughn

Ann E. Bermingham writes:
>Can you show how the removal of ego and attraction to the atman is going to
>help us in the modernization and updating of TS around the world?

You can still modernize and update the TS literature by changing the words
that don't need to be changed without giving in to the personal self and the
personal self of others.(pers. self = ego)  (btw, I am not saying "remove" the
ego, for 1. we do need it, for it provides for individuality, and without it
we would not be able to exist in this sphere of being, and 2. you can't remove
it anyway.)  It is not the manipulation of words that I am most concerned
about, it is the reasoning behind the manipulation.  I am not debating with
those who are changing the words so that humanity will better understand the
literature of the past, I am arguing with those who are changing the word(s)
because they feel that their gender is being demeaned.

The Triaist

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