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Re: we are all people

Oct 20, 1996 06:44 AM
by John Straughn

liesel f. deutsch writes:
>We need to change the word in order to be better understood by
>present day humanity, as for instance generation x, but also to include the
>baby boomers.

If that is solely the reasoning behind your desire to change the word, then I
totally agree with you.  But as I have said, the impression I was given is
that you were changing the word because it insulted and/or demeaned your and
other's gender.  If this is the reason behind the manipulation, then I
disagree, for this strengthens the connection to the personal self (the ego),
and severs the connection to the universal self (the atman).  Your main goal,
as I understand it, is to help humanity to "ascend" spiritually and/or become
"enlightened".  If this manipulation of words is for the purpose of appeasing
the personal self's dissatisfaction, humanity's path to spiritual ascension
will be hindered rather than helped.

The Triaist

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