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Re: One Final Thought

Oct 19, 1996 09:51 PM
by ramadoss

At 01:35 PM 10/17/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear brother MK Ramadoss, and others
>Please do not be so hard in the TSA.
>I work in a billion $$$ corporation that is just starting to get into the
>internet even though some  of us are in there enjoying the benefits of
>research and sharing of information.
>But the 96 Summer School and Annual Convention at Olcott, John Algeo
>devoted plenty time to the roll of the TSA and the internet. Ruben
>scheduled tours to the server and explain and let people surf the internet
>as well as some education. Last year we had Don given a presentation during
>the Summer School. And during his talk at Krotona he mentioned the future
>of TSA in the Internet.
>The internet is always in his mind, the question, I think is always money,
>resources, etc.
>So, maybe a bit slow in our standards, but for the average member and user
>maybe just ok the pace.

        I am glad that for your feedback. Let us look forward to the day
that Internet is used to reach out to the public so that Theosophy can
affect large number of human beings out there.

>I think our energies should be devoted to enrich the electronic archives
>with articles, scanning old books, lectures pamphlets, pictures, etc., so
>when they are ready to do it in big scale they have it in storage.

        You have brought up a very important topic which is in the minds of
myself and many others who are active on theos-xxxx. The copyrights on most
of the classics of Theosophy has expired. If they are scanned and put on the
Internet, anyone can access any of them for free and download them. Once
downloaded, they can be printed in attractive format for hard copy. In
effect we are looking towards making the classics for free to anyone having
access to Internet from anywhere in the world. I do not know if you are
subscribed to theos-l. I just posted a message for feed back on this
subject. If the publications are make available in Acrobat format or Word
Format, there are free software available to view and print them. Thus
anyone can print the books at their own home. I am glad you are also
thinking on the same lines. However, such home printing will cut down on the
sales of classics currently published and sold by TPH.

>We must at all times be constructive in our thinking, not complaining but
>working ceaselessly for the cause of Universal Fraternity, and even if we
>want to complain should come out with more work. After all who is going to
>do the work if is not us, who has some awareness?

        We are dealing with two issues here. When there is a democratically
setup organization with elected officers, one should expect comments and
criticisms as these are made in the interests of Theosophy.

        Secondly, as for practical application of Theosophy, Theosophy has
never been officially defined. Each one of us understand Theosophy to the
best of our understanding and all of us are trying to put it into practice
in our every day activities. So what one's understanding is and how one
wants to apply for the benefit of Humanity is something each one of us has
to decide.

>Lastly the TSA is not important, I am a THEOSOPHIST even if the TSA ceases
>to exist, which means I do not need an organization to be a Theosophist.
>Therefore I do not expect the TSA to solve my problems and expectation, but
>I see myself as a resource to them any way they want me, even if they do
>not want me, I have plenty work to do  as a theosophist in my community
>-giving lectures, classes, forming study groups in neibourhood where there
>is no theosophy, and so on. Please let me know if any one in this list does
>not know how and what to be a Theosophist in a community a have plenty
>ideas, and can even travel to their Lodge or Study Group to give some
>leadership awareness.

        I completely agree with you. As a Theosophist, I have to solve my
problems. It reminds me of a statement that a famous philosopher/thinker
made "I do not expect anything from anyone Man or God".

At the same time, to be of help to my fellow beings, I have told everyone I
know that I am accessible anytime around the clock for any reason whatsoever
and my phone number is listed in the phone book. I even have toll free
numbers set up for both my office and my home so that no one should have any
difficulty to reach me any time day or night.

>There is plenty to do, but let everybody be themselves in their our pace.
>Martin Leiderman at your service in Los Angeles
>Peace and Harmony to all
Peace to all living beings

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