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Re: one final thought

Oct 19, 1996 04:30 PM
by Martin Euser

Bart Lidofsky wrote:

>	It is also about as subtle as a sledgehammer, and a made-up word.

	Sure, it is made-up but aren't all words :)
I doubt that Western languages contain a proper word for what you're
(Essential) connectedness, at-one-ment, interrelatedness; these are some
examples of  words that try to convey the meaning of Brotherhood.
 What I like in the word Siblinghood is the fact that there are different
orders of siblings - first order, second order (in blood-relation) and so
it is
with the relations between the different kindoms of nature.
In the Dutch translation of it, the word siblinghood sounds much better
than the original in English. This may be so because there's the same word
for siblinghood and kinship in Dutch ('verwantschap').
I'm afraid this won't help you much :)

 >I am
certain that, with sufficient effort, a cleaner rewording can be done.

	Let's hope so. It is however the *idea* that counts. The clothing of an
idea in words is bound to be imperfect. A diversity or multitude of words
have to be used to convey some idea (and that on itself can be confusing,
spiritual literature abounds with examples of the latter). That's why
semantics can be useful in this regard.

>	BTW, I have read a BUNCH of your articles posted on various web pages;
it's nice to see that you really exist.

	Thank you. I noticed that some people doubt that I exist (they seem to
think that I'm a kind of virtual entity in cyberspace :)



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