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politically correct theosophy

Oct 19, 1996 04:34 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

Eldon, you write

>Some terms like "brotherhood" I see as falling in this second
>class. The term does not mean, as I see it, "a men's club, a place
>where women are not invited because they can't make the grade." It
>rather means a sangha or mutual support of a positive, masculine,
>forthright, creative nature.

Eldon, I think tat's a perfectly good meaning of the word brotherhood. But
don';t you see the problem is that not everyone would agree with you that
this is so; and I don't realy think we need to antagonize any prospective
new theosophical member because of a silly word, to which some people now
attach a different meaning than the one you present above. It's cutting off
our noses to spite our faces.


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