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Re: discrimination

Oct 14, 1996 02:12 AM
by Bee Brown

At 08:24 PM 13/10/96 -0400, you wrote:
>In message <>, Bart Lidofsky
><> writes
>>In New York, there is a Theosohpical Society lodge, and a ULT branch.
>>When people come to me and complain that they were thrown out of a ULT
>>meeting for asking the wrong kind of questions, I explain to them that
>>the ULT is there for presentation, not for discussion, and that the ULT
>>excels at presentation. I see no problem in people going to both groups.
>Nor do I, and many others on this list, but all too often this is not
>the view of members of the lodges and/or branches concerned, and people
>are thrown out for having different opinions, or daring to attend a
>"rival" organisation - as happened to me, and SFAIK, others on this

To Bart,
this above reasons was why I posted the FREEDOM OF THOUGHT and made the
remark I did. If you are fairly new to the list, you may not be aware of
Adyars expulsions of some countries' sections for not obeying the party line
and yet they publish this in their magazine in every issue. I just thought
it was a pity they did not stand by those sentiments.

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Bee Brown
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