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Re: discrimination

Oct 14, 1996 04:22 AM
by Bart Lidofsky

Bee Brown wrote:

> To Bart,
> this above reasons was why I posted the FREEDOM OF THOUGHT and made the
> remark I did. If you are fairly new to the list, you may not be aware of
> Adyars expulsions of some countries' sections for not obeying the party line
> and yet they publish this in their magazine in every issue. I just thought
> it was a pity they did not stand by those sentiments.

	I have a number of problems with Radha, myself. Her requirement that
newly formed Russian Lodges pass a test before admittance caused a lot
of bad feelings. In the case of Canada, at least, she claims that while
she understood the predicament that they were in (if they kept legal
ties to Adyar, they would lose their tax-free status), she felt that
letting them stay in "under the table" would have been hypocracy.

	Still, the individual members SHOULD have been given the choice as to
which section to stay with.

	However, she claims that idealogical differences within Theosophy had
nothing to do with the decision.


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