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Re: Silly fun

Oct 14, 1996 01:46 AM
by John Straughn

CDGertrude writes:
>> writes:
>> >Gertrude,
>> >In reincarnation, you come back has a human.
>> >In transmigration, you come back as a CHURCHMOUSE!
>> >
>> >Chuck the Heretic
>> No joke, Gertrude, except perhaps for the churchmouse bit...:)
>> ---
>> The Triaist

>Excuse me Trialist...
>what areyour trying to say?
Trialist?  Nah...doesn't fit my persona....:)  I was trying to say that you
have as much of a chance bieng transmigrated as a churchmouse as you do a
horse.   For instance, reincarnation: you WILL come back as a human.
                      transmigration: you MAY come back as a chruchmouse, but
one can never be positive....

I'm curious....what did you think I was trying to say?
The Triaist

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