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a dream come true is a work of art

Oct 11, 1996 02:28 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

Ann says:

> think it depends on what part of the WWW you're looking at.  Personally,
>I see a lot of diversity out there.  I've found the web invalueable in
>doing research on subjects that range from beer to UFOs.

Not that it has anything to do with Theosophy, Ann, but this morning, to my
joy, I discovered a whole homepage with multiple linakgages about Germany in
I was rummaging around in the schools section & found out that the
University of Cologne  has a Martin Buber Institiute for Jewish Studies. The
requirements seem to me to be very strict. They require all sorts of
languages, not only Latin, Greek and Hebrew, but also Aramaic, Arabic,
Spanish, French, Yiddish, Polish & Russian, languages of countries where
Jews lived for hundreds of years. I think not all languages are obligatory.
I wrote an inquiry, because I'd like to know who in Germany is going to do
Jewish Studies in that depth. Also, if I haven't already given it to
someone, my husband had brought over a book in German, the history of the
Jews in Germany. The Buber Institiute I'm sure could use that. for some of
the courses offered, they said they'd give them if a teacher was available;
for some of  them they said they'd give them if there was enough interest.


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