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to K. Paul

Oct 11, 1996 02:32 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>My own experience has been that initially I wanted to believe,
>and did believe, that Theosophy was vastly wiser and more
>knowledgable than mere science, religion and philosophy.  But
>that need to have the Truth all wrapped up in a single package
>with a nice bow causes us to see things in a distorted way.
>Gradually I realized that there was a lot more truth outside
>the boundaries of Blavatskian Theosophy than within it.

Paul, I see where you are coming from here.  I haven't fallen
quite so far myself, but maybe someday...
I still find a lot of good stuff in ol HPB.  But I agree with
you that the TSs are ultra conservative and not open to any
new ideas.  I have completely given up trying to write anything
for any of them.  Unless your article rehashes what has been
said a million times before it won't be accepted.  HPB warned
us about the molds of the mind and the habitual grooves that
our thinking gets itself into, and it is just this that besets
the TSs today.  She also wrote that golden chains bind just
as tightly as iron chains, but no theosophist today has a
clue as to what she meant.  Right now my membership is close
to ending as I see little reason to remain.  My only agreement
with any of the TSs is my firm belief in universal brotherhood
(oops, there's that sexist word again.  Sorry folks).  I
suspect that you are in this boat with me (?).

Jerry S.
Member, TI

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