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Great White Brotherhood Revealed at Last!

Oct 11, 1996 02:39 PM
by Jerry Schueler

The so-called Great White Brotherhood is exactly the same
thing as what G de P called the Hierarchy of Compassion.
There is no difference, only a different name.  And guess
what?  According to G de P everyone who has compassion
for others is automatically a card-carrying member.  As food
for thought, I would like to say that I believe G de P was
exactly correct.  It is the esoteric (spiritual) group, not
any physical one, that is intended by the name.  The word
White refers to the type of magic used, not race and certainly
not "goodness" whatever the heck that word means.

Jerry S.
Member, TI
Member, Great White Brotherhood, alias Hierarchy of Compassion

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