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Shifting Chaff from Wheat

Oct 11, 1996 02:49 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>So it's quite possible that the energies
>flowing via CWL were beneficial and had an awakening quality, while
>some of his writings were distorted representations of reality. The
>problem is that an average theosophist is not equipped to discriminate
>between the right and the wrong in CWL's teachings.

Maybe the average theosophist has an IQ of about 60?  Is this what
you are suggesting?  If you really have such a hard time trying
to figure out what is right from what is wrong with ol' CWL, please
just ask me, and I will be happy to distinguish the difference for
you. Sorry, Max, but I agree with Liesel on this one.

Jerry S.
Member, TI

PS.  Please give me the name of one single person whose
teachings do not include at least one "distorted representations
of reality" and I will apologise to your superior wisdom.

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