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Internet E-Mail and TSA Officers

Oct 08, 1996 09:57 AM
by m.k. ramadoss

Dear Brother Greer:

I was very delighted to see your e-mail message.

It was the very first time I have seen any e-mail message from any of the
National Officers and glad to see that at least you have taken the
initiative to learn to use the e-mail. It is my hope that the other
Officers will follow you.

E-Mail is very extensively used in business, industry, government,
individuals and all kinds of organizations. It is fast, incremental cost,
other than time is Zero and saves all the various natural resources.
Coupled with Fax and Telephone, it speeds up communications and we can
get things resolved around the clock.

It my hope that someday we will be able to use e-mail to communicate with
each and every individual at Olcott at the individual level and it would
help everybody.

I have used e-mail very extensively, using couple of different e-mail
software running on plain vanilla Internet. If you have any questions
that I can help you or anybody with, please send a e-mail message.

BTW, one does not need a high powered expensive computer to use Internet
including e-mail, browing www, ftp etc. I am writing this on a 286
machine witha monocrome monitor. So Internet can be used with a very
small budget.

With best wishes

MK Ramadoss

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