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Amazing openness

Oct 08, 1996 09:52 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

This weekend I did some research at the A.R.E. Library and then
some shopping at the bookstore.  There I met the author of a
book which I bought and read; last night I called the author to
ask him some questions.  (Getting into the secondary literature
and getting acquainted with the people in the organization is
what I'm doing while waiting for readers' reports on my ms.)

I won't name the author or say exactly what his book was about,
since the conversation was private.  But suffice it to say that
it is a self-published work that addresses a very crucial
subject.  He told me it had sold many thousands of copies
mostly due to being listed in the A.R.E. catalog, and that he
has lectured in thirty cities under A.R.E. sponsorship on the
topic of his book.

The amazing thing is that when I asked how much of the
leadership of the organization shared his approach to the
subject of his book, he answered "No one in management does,
although quite a number of the members do."  So, after several
rephrases of the question to make sure I had it right, here's
the story: author self-publishes a book that *none* of the higher ups in
the organization agrees with, but STILL they sell it through their catalog
and support his going out to lecture on it at the expense of the organization.
This is so far from the mindset of any spiritual group I ever experienced
that I'm submitting it just to show that there is a different and freer world
out there.  Hallelujah.

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