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Re: Spiritual discrimination

Oct 08, 1996 09:53 AM
by JRC

On Tue, 8 Oct 1996, Maxim Osinovsky wrote:
> Re: my SD quote. It was intended to support my previous statements, so it
> seems to be relevant.
> What I intended to communicate is that theosophy cannot be all things for
> all people. It does NOT embrace teachings of people like A.Cr. It includes a
> very clear, distinct perspective on white vs. black magic, evil, and so
> forth, and it is provable.
	This is *one perspective* of what Theosophy is. And before judging
AC too harshly as "evil - you may wish to remember that for many outside
TS circles, HPB was "evil" - She drank bottles of wine, ate legs of lamb,
went into battle impersonating a man, and managed to pretty much
enormously upset large numbers of people. There may be some "absolute"
evil, but (IMO) the vast majority of the time what people call "evil" is
simply that which does not conform to *their* standards of what is right
and wrong. Remember, before you speak the words spoken above, that to (for
instance) a Christian fundamentalist, your *entire paragraph* would apply
directly to *you*. IMO, the First Object will be accomplished at whatever
distant time *every* religious and spiritual tradition stops calling the
members of the others "evil".

> My message re: spiritual discrimination was written in the "IF ... THEN
> .." format, i.e. IF one adopts the Ageless Wisdom as a guiding light
> THEN indiscriminate search for knowledge is not good, certain
> restrictions apply.
> The Ageless Wisdom is the light of your, my, and everybody else's higher
> self, that's why it is so uniform from man to man and throughout the ages.
> Being awakened, it creates a sense of DIRECTION urging everybody to move
> in the SAME direction--from darkness to light.
	Again, *one perspective*. Not the only one. We have had huge
battles on this list in the past over the alledged "uniformity" of
Theosophical activity. Maybe Alan or John Mead could assist you to glance
at the archives ... most especially a discussion a few months ago between
what could be called "process" theosophists and "body of doctrines"

							Regards, -JRC

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