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Re: Spiritual discrimination

Oct 08, 1996 09:57 AM
by Maxim Osinovsky


I am aware of the fact that the Victorian perspective is old hat, and
that many people now believe in something different--e.g. that all forms
and manifestations of life (including the Buddha, Al. Crowley,
O.J.Simpson, President Clinton, John Algeo, etc.) are pure and sacred. :)

However, this may be just another belief.

(In passing: HSO might have been a Victorian gentleman, but HPB a
Victorian lady???...)

What I am concerned about is the spiritual knowledge that comes to us via
our higher selves. I believe I possess some degree of soul
consciousness, (as probably everybody else on theos-l), and what I see is
that there IS sure and definite knowledge and a way of action based on it.
And if you (i.e. your personality) is steady in allegiance to this 'right
knowledge' and 'right action,' (to use the Buddha's wording) you will
stick to it no matter what happens--even if the entire Milky Way is about
to slip into a black hole.

Future generations may discard the contemporary notions of karma and
justice as childish inventions of immature 19th-century minds, but the
reality behind those notions is going to persist as it is beyond
limitations of space and time. That's why HPB wrote about "eternal,
unchangeable conditions of soul-development," "inexorable occult laws"
(BCW XII 597-8), one of the basic prerequisites to the occult training
being practical purity of life, especially purity of the mind and heart,
purity of motives and thoughts, etc.

Down to earth, the Al.Cr. matter does not seem to be complicated, and
whatever can be said about it cannot obscure some simple and basic
facts about him. To put A.C. to the test it is enough to ask, Did he
radiate light and love? Did he encourage awakening of the higher selves
in his followers and pursuit of the spiritual knowledge rather than
pursuit of hidden knowledge at any cost?


On Mon, 7 Oct 1996 wrote:

> Max,
> The more I see of it, the more I am convinced that large hunks of the Ageless
> Wisdom are really showing the cracks of age.  The idea of white and black
> magick is the result of this weird victorian thing (which is not surprising
> as the Founders were, after all, Victorians) which I would hope we could get
> beyond.
> In a universe where, when the sun goes nova, the just and the unjust will fry
> alike, a universe where whole solar systems go swooshing down a black hole
> taking all of their inhabitants with them, the primitive and childish notions
> of justice and karma that make up an unfortunately large part of the
> teachings simply do not hold and must be abandoned in favor of a more
> realistic view of the way things work.
> You are right, it is throwing a lot overboard, but it's mostly useless
> baggage anyway.
> Chuck the Heretic

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