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Re: AC Defended Again

Oct 07, 1996 03:51 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham

Not a soup kitchen in sight, except in the case of some of the earlier
theosophists, like HPB and Annie Besant.

"By their fruits ..."

Not everyone has the ability to do the soup kitchen thing.  I know a woman who
has tremendous organizational skills and boundless energies even though she's
past 50 yrs.  She's run a homeless shelter for battered women and a free meal
kitchen.  She's totally fearless about going into unsavory neighborhood to do
her work and is ready to take over if a volunteer doesn't show up.  She knows
where the free shampoo is (or anything else free) from different company
warehouses.  While she's there, she'll try to haggle for more free items.  She
coaxes her friends (like me) to give her cast-off clothing.  I think it takes a
special kind of gutsiness to do this kind of job.

I think those that do the writing inspire those following the karma yoga path.
It's shame that often the karma yogis don't get names in print, as well.

-Ann E. Bermingham

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