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Re: AC Defended Again

Oct 07, 1996 07:13 AM
by Drpsionic

It's virtually impossible to describe in any written language, but when
Crowley's stuff works, dammit you know it!
Try to imagine sitting on top of a rocket without benefit of capsule and
being blasted out of the solar system and then coming back in one piece.
 That's the closest I can get to describing it.
For all his weirdness there is no question in my mind that Crowley was
enlightened and the difficulties people have with his work (his relatively
moderate, at least by the standards of the magickal folk I hang out with,
lifestyle notwithstanding) comes from the fact that what he experienced
simply cannot be described in words.  And he did accomplish some pretty
spectacular stuff.
When British Naval Intelligence called him in because they needed some symbol
to counter the swastika he simply held up two fingers, the symbol of Typhon,
which neutralizes the solar power of the swastika.  Did that stop the Nazis?
 By itself, of course not, but it sure helped.
The list can go on and on, but the results are not as important as the Great
Work and that he completed with The Book of the Law.  Everything after that
is an interesting addendum.

Chuck the Heretic

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