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Oct 03, 1996 06:36 PM
by Keith Price

They say that when your start studying works like THE VOICE OF THE SILENCE,
suddenly things start happening.  But one is supposed to know, to will , to dare
and be SILENT.  This it turns out is not a Krishnamurtism, but an ancient oath
familiar to the initiates at the school of Crotona in Ancient Greeks.  Studying
symbol, number and glyph the school transmitted and enriched the ancient
tradition that we share today as theosophy.  They had many ideas such as
Atlantis, the globes, reincarnation, the monad, the ONE,  polarity, periodicity
and many many others.

I have seemingly been emersed in synchronicities lately.  I believe I should
learn to BE SILENT AND LISTEN TO THE VOICE.  I have begun to do this in my daily
life with result so overpowering that I am forced to be silent for fear of being
called "weird"  (which has happened before believe me, but sometimes weird is
really WEIRD).  As I teach introduction to psychology ( for a very, very small
institution) my words seems to at once reflect and activate major isssue in my
current situation such as self-esteem as related to the job, the boss as
archetype of parental dramas (Oedipus, Electra, Orestes and so on).  Today we
study Jung and a film clip of him pointed out that modern man is emersed in
hideous dream.  The American Indians asked him;  "what does the white man want.
He is always restless, seeking, hungry like a bird of prey."

Modern man has sacrificed a deep relationship to the earrth and has a new
relgious myth of science manifested in the Church of Technology in the Empire of
the New Global Mind without a true Soul or guiding myth.

Everday events thus trap one into listening  to the VOICE OF THE SILIENCE once
one has experienced the first reconnection.  One begins to create for oneself a
personal,  individual myth.  Some would say these myths have the power to be
pathological and infectious.  The notion of memes that infects the world of
thought and language is under much current investigation.  Computer virus and
slang are transmitted around the world instantaneouly in the form of
"Micheangelo" or "get a life".

I think that the VOICE OF THE SILENCE is another echo given by Blavatsky to her
readers to initiate the hard process of reconnecting to the SELF in the form of
"myth" or action.

Mishima had just this struggle of turning art into action.  He failed and became
an empty modern martyr not unlike Saint Sebastian who he so much admired.  See
Paul Schraders film for a very interesting distillation of the life and art of a
modern man in search of a soul, a reason to live beyond the buy more, get more,
have more mentality of the herd.

Everywhere the VOICE OF THE SILENCE can be heard.  I hope this brings some
closure to my part in the discussion of the VOICE OF THE SILENCE.  This
theosophical classic will live on and be discussed again and again.  I hope that
others will someday experience the synchroncities that were a part of my reading
and sharing on THE VOICE OF THE SILENCE.

Keith Price

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