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Re: organizational evolution

Oct 03, 1996 05:06 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, "liesel f.
deutsch" <> writes
>If we're going to vary, we should
>at least know what we're varying from. I think a theosophical mailing list
>has to include basic theosophy, and I thinnk it would be great, if it
>included pointing out where the various points of view differ one from the

I think that the best that can happen on theos-l is the kind of thing we
already have: person A says their piece, which is quoted and
rebutted/amended/disputed (often with many quotations) by person(s) B C
D E etc.

I still have room on my homepages for useful writing(s) from
theosophists of all persuasions, and again I offer to post anything of
interest there, possibly under "Theosophical Writings" or in a sub-
directory off of the "DIRECORY of GOODIES" link.

These could then be downloaded by readers with web browsers and the
contents discussed (preferably without *l o n g* quotations, as the
complete original can be obtained by readers).  Once I have some
material, I will gladly forward copies to those without web browsers as
part of my own committment to the TI approach of co-operative working.
In other words, we could actually start *doing* this thing instead of
talking about it - right now.

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