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Re: Organizational Evolution

Oct 01, 1996 08:43 AM
by m.k. ramadoss

On Tue, 1 Oct 1996, Ann E. Bermingham wrote:

> Doss:
> >The TS, when inaugurated in 1875, was designed on the basis of a formal
> >pyramidal organizational structure . . . <snip>
> >So from the needs of Theosophists, I am wondering whether the TS is going
> >to be a overtaken by Internet based communication and interaction. . . <snip>
> Hasn't the TSA already made the move in that direction with the creation of the
> National Lodge?  Also, they plan to have electronic study groups, bulletin board
> and chat group.

	I hope all the plans work.
> But there would have to a decentralization of power and less central control to
> make it work in the way you are speaking of.  More local control and less at the
> top.
	The way Internet is evolving is - no control at any level - top
or bottom.

> >Theos-l is pioneering in this direction and has already helped a lot of
> >us to discuss various items in a world wide forum, and all this has been
> >made possible by one person who saw the need -- John E Mead. My salute to
> >him. I forsee theos-l participating to mushroom in the years to come.
> Since I was 5 years old, I always fancied myself a pioneer - that was when Davy
> Crockett was the rage.  : - )  But every person that starts something on the
> Internet, whether it be a web page, mailing list or newsgroup is participating
> in the beginnings of a world-wide network of communication.
> The atomic mushrooming of this list still depends, IMHO, on several things.
> Number one, the availability of computers and modems.  2: Computer literacy,
> probably found in greater numbers in those just entering kindergarden.  3: The
> quality and quantity of discussion on this list.
> The prediction of this list going mega may be premature.  Let's just see what
> happens.

	I am an eternal optimist. However we all have to wait and see
what and how these things develop.

	Thanks for your thoughtful comments.

	MK Ramadoss

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