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Re: Organizational Evolution

Oct 01, 1996 05:06 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>The TS, when inaugurated in 1875, was designed on the basis of a formal
>pyramidal organizational structure . . . <snip>

>Now we have Internet and we have seen an example of a large formal
>organization  having been shut down because the interested members have
>found that  Internet has changed the environment and the needs are no
>longer met by a formal organization.

>So from the needs of Theosophists, I am wondering whether the TS is going
>to be a overtaken by Internet based communication and interaction. . . <snip>

Hasn't the TSA already made the move in that direction with the creation of the
National Lodge?  Also, they plan to have electronic study groups, bulletin board
and chat group.

But there would have to a decentralization of power and less central control to
make it work in the way you are speaking of.  More local control and less at the

>Theos-l is pioneering in this direction and has already helped a lot of
>us to discuss various items in a world wide forum, and all this has been
>made possible by one person who saw the need -- John E Mead. My salute to
>him. I forsee theos-l participating to mushroom in the years to come.

Since I was 5 years old, I always fancied myself a pioneer - that was when Davy
Crockett was the rage.  : - )  But every person that starts something on the
Internet, whether it be a web page, mailing list or newsgroup is participating
in the beginnings of a world-wide network of communication.

The atomic mushrooming of this list still depends, IMHO, on several things.
Number one, the availability of computers and modems.  2: Computer literacy,
probably found in greater numbers in those just entering kindergarden.  3: The
quality and quantity of discussion on this list.

The prediction of this list going mega may be premature.  Let's just see what

-Ann E. Bermingham

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