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Re: Organizational Evolution

Oct 01, 1996 05:09 PM
by Einar Adalsteinsson & A.S.B.

Ann & Doss

>The TS, when inaugurated in 1875, was designed on the basis of a formal
>pyramidal organizational structure . . . <snip>
>So from the needs of Theosophists, I am wondering whether the TS is going
>to be a overtaken by Internet based communication and interaction. . . <snip>

I have been "listening" to your chat on organisational evolution, and I had
the impulse to "speak up" on this subject, because I had an insight on this
many years ago, when I read the first biography on Krishnamurti "The Years
of Awakening" by Mary Luthiens. During the climax of the process, the "body"
of K reported a message (from the Great ones): "...The work that is being
done is of gravest importance and exceedingly delicate. It is the first time
that this experiment is being carried out in the world....." The experiment
relates to Krishnamurtis (kundalini) "process", which as you may know went
on all his life.

The intuition was that there would be opened up an entirely new way of
kundalini transformation, one that didn't depend on external guidance of an
incarnated guru. I would have to depend on direct intuition and an extremely
clear mystical awareness.

In the past the piramidal or hirarchial structure of the esoteric
instructions has always been unavoidable. This has involved that the real
spiritual teachings and training have ALWAYS been given through an ever
evolving hierarchy of guru-chela relationships. Seen from the top the master
always chooses the chela according to his ability to understand and endure
the lerning processes involved. This is a totally different system from
networking, where all have more or less equal access to the teachings, and
where each has to choose what he can digest. The former process is obviosly
much quicker and more effective, but it requires a lot of evolved beings
with a lot of time awailible.

This points to the New Age idea, that there will be a mass production of
initiates soon (which is rather daubtful in my mind), which would require a
new way to handle things. Anyway I have been working along these lines for
many years, both personally and in my humble attempt in  leading newcomers
to the spiritual path. I am convinced that a clear intuitive understanding
is absolutely neccessarl for this new way of self-enlightenment. On the
esoteric path, the mystical experience has been the first neccessary stage
of transfomation, since until the neophyte has "experienced" the Unity of
All, the left hand path is wide open for him.

On the hirarchial structure of the TS, it's a different matter. Olcott is
said to have modelled the democratic structure of the TS after the
Constitution of the United States, thus ensuring both full democracy and
strong infrastructure. Some day, (when everyone has been initiated,) laws,
rules and government will be unneccessary, but until then a strong
democratic government seems to me to be the choice.

 This seems a good deposit to keep the discussion going until next time....

With LOVE to you all.

Einar from Iceland.
Let's change the world,
by each of us changing ourselves,

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