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Re: THEOS-L digest 677

Oct 01, 1996 09:08 AM
by Robert Word

> Does anyone know the current address of the Philosophical Research
> Society (Manley Palmer Hall's followers)? I have a very old address as
> 3341 Griffith Park Blvd., Los Angeles 27 but I am sure it has changed
> (dates from 1947). If they have E-mail or a Web site I would also be
> interested. Many thanks. Jutta Lehmann

I have visited their library and attended a talk at their LA location
in the past twenty years; I believe that their current address
is the same as it has been for some time.  Check out any of
the many publications of Manly Hall; I am sure that you can find
it.  Or I will look it up, if you prefer, and get back to you.  Also,
I am sure it is in the LA phone directory.

Following the death of Manly P. Hall there was an immense power
struggle within the organization.  People were expelled from
the secret rosicrucians (and instead became masonic rosicrucians).
Secret alchemists who were once communists carried on as
secret alchemists.  Program lectures continue on, including
the very informative ones of Dr. Stephan Hoeller.
Mrs. Hall sued the organization.  Significant documents were
sold off or "lost".  I don't know whether they still possess
three copies of "The Triangular Book of the Count of Saint
Germain", which is said to have been one of two authentic
manuscripts of the Count of Saint Germain.  (This document, in
coded french, apparently no longer exists within the french
esoteric milieu, presumably because of Nazi intervention during
World War II).  Perhaps we should ask the Philosophical Research
Society to mail a copy to Robert Amadou.

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> Date: Mon, 30 Sep 1996 19:49:45 +0200 (MET DST)
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> Subject: Maitreya
> Message-ID: <>
> According to my information  Scottish painter Benjamin Creme announced that
> the new world teacher Maitreya  lives incognito amongst us. Creme was to
> make public on Friday, 14th May 1977 in Los Angeles in what country he
> resides. I haven't kept track about present excuses for failed predictions.
> Creme as far as I know makes public now and then pronouncements of the
> returned Christ.
> In Europe Benjamin Creme is quite well known. They have a page on internet
> in Holland and I am sure in many other countries as well.
> In Dutch newspapers Creme's ideas were linked to Theosophy.
> I have mentioned him on my page: "On the psychology of spiritual movements":
> Michael

Nancy Conley, who is the current president of the board of
directors of the Oakland Lodge of the TS has explained to me
that she was in contact with Benjamin Creme for the purpose
of giving a lecture.  However, the Creme folk insisted on
dominating the venue of the presentation (presumably in order
to insure that only the "true gospel" could dominate the minds
of the hearers) and so the TS could not agree to have Creme
as a speaker.

I am told (please, someone out there correct me if not so) that
the last chiefs of the Whare Ra Temple of the Smaragdum Thalassis
sold off their house-with-a-vault in order to give proceeds to
same Benjamin Creme.

Best wishes,
Robert Word

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