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Re: Psychogenesis and the VOS

Sep 10, 1996 05:48 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham

Here's some added information regarding the seven-year cycles of human life.

-Ann E. Bermingham


(from Transpersonal Astrology by Errol Weiner, pgs. 67-69)

Each Ray has special rulership in its particular seven-year cycle.  The physical
body Ray governs the first seven-year cycle (birth-7; the Aries cycle), for this
is when consciousness is anchoring itself into physical form.  This Ray embodies
itself in the child from 4-7 years of age, for this when the Soul appropriates
the physical body.  From 7-14 (the Taurian cycle) the emotional 'desire' Ray
governs, and this Ray anchors itself between 11 and 14 at the time of the
puberty cycle.  This is the time when the soul appropriates the emotional body,
which is why it is such a difficult cycle.  The mental Ray govern from 12-21
(the Gemini cycle) and onwards to 24, for it is only between 21 and 24 that the
soul appropriates the lower mental body.  Gemini is the sign ruling lower
education or the development of the lower rational mind.

 From 21-28 (the Cancer cycle) these three Rays synthesize and the overall
personality Ray begins to emerge.  By the time one turns 28 these three
Rays/bodies should be relatively integrated.  From 28-35 (the Leo cycle) the
personality Ray becomes the dominating factor.  From 32-35 is when this Ray
anchors itself.  This Leo cycle also witnesses the emergence of the soul Ray,
and the major conflict in this cycle is the polarity clash between the Ray of
the lower self and the higher self.  One seeks recognition for the sellf and the
other seeks to serve the greater self.  The soul Ray does not emerge unless one
is intent on individualizing oneself.

The personality and soul Rays begin to integrate between 35 and 42, during the
Virgo cycle.  This is an extremely difficult and conflict-ridden cycle, for the
initial process of integrating these two Rays, (especially if they are in
conflict) is one of battle and 'the labor of birth'.  Both rulers of Virgo,
namely the Moon and Mercury, are 4th Ray planets.  This seven-year cycle

-the return of the Moon's Nodes (37-38)
-the Uranus opposition to natal Uranus(39-41)
-the Pluto square to natal Pluto (40-42)
-the Neptune square to natal Neptune (41-43)

. . . The Libra cycle (42-49) is a rest and balancing cycle between the
battleground of Virgo and Scorpio (49-56).  This does not make the Libra cycle
one of ease and peace, but it does create opportunity for balance, harmony and
peace between the dualities.

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