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Re: Psychogenesis and the VOS

Sep 10, 1996 08:13 PM
by RIhle

Ann writes>
>My first thought is that every individual may have the seven-year cycle  as
>basic human template, but then superimposed over that is their own karmic
>storyline.  Their personal transits and progressions may override that basic
>Some Uranian transit may have you hit by lightening at age seven, possibly
>cutting off the rest of the cycle.  But if you survive with everything
>intact, including your memories of the other side, you may possess mystical
>tendencies at an early age.

Richard Ihle writes>
Thank you, Ann, for the above; I agree with it.  I also appreciate receiving
the highly interesting material about the "Rays" in your later post.

I have always wished that I had a better background in astrology.
 Nine-tenths may or may not be b.s.; nevertheless, for me, at least, there
always seems to be that inexplicable one-tenth which rings ~so~ true that
sometimes I think I am being very foolish by not devoting ~much~ more time to
its study.

While it could be true that many astrologers are remiss, perhaps, by
overlooking the part an individual's particular Degree of Self-Awareness
("age of the soul") may play in the mitigation of "cosmo-biological events,"
it could also be true that many individuals may keep moving in disappointment
from one Spiritual practice to another to another because they do not fully
appreciate the range and power of the myriad of ever-changing "invisible
influences" they are up against--and which astrology could suggest to them.

Thanks again.


Richard Ihle

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