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Lives of Capricorn - To tell the truth, it is all a complete fantasy

Sep 10, 1996 04:39 PM
by Keith Price

Reading the LIVES OF ALCYONE by Annie Bessant and C.W. Leadbetter is a spiritual
experience and a literay  one too, but for me of a very strange thing.  The
leaves of the pages literally break in my hand, as I turn the pages.   The past
is very close  in these odd stories and then the yellowed  pages tear like fall
leaves as if I will be the last to ever read them. Their is a great effor to
give the whole thing credibility by tracing the family of theosophists chosen by
the Manu to begin the sixth root race.   Their is chart after chart showing the
family tree. The descendants are always the same people, playing different roles
in different lifetime.  They are give astrological code names like Alcyone -
Krishnamurti, Herakles - Bessant and Pallas - Plato.
her  and  provide for the advance of evolution life after life.

I feel that I could be the reincarnation of a low rent less evolved CWL (his
lower vehicles remain, his higher ones went to another globe, I suppose).  A
whole drama unfolds before my eyes.  Yes I can see it dimly...........

In this life,  the family incarnated in a strange land called Novus Ordo
Seculorum, the land of the eye over the pyramid.  Capricorn, in this life,
became head of the family and ruler of the clan.  Their  were strange machines
familiar to the Atlanteans that allowed letters to be percipated out of space -
miraculously.  A lowly servant Hippolyta ( a male, they change sexes regularly
from life to life) mailed a letter to  Chronos, the family historian regarding a
false whispers  of Capricorn's plan to disinherit  the widespread families on
many continents and gather their treasure in one place.  The message was
misdiredted by Mercury who wrote the hand writing in  the waves of    Aguarius'
In- Urn- NET which flowed unchecked to all the clan on all the continents for
all to see.  Hippoyta was so distressed she ran out into the snow, she saw
Herakles returning from his Labor in Scorpio.  He smiled broadly and held out
his hefty club in one hand and the jewel from the Hydra's head in the other.
Chronos looked distressed and stood at the door motionless.  HIpployta suddenly
saw Herakles and forgot her confusion.  She did not realize that she was
practically unclothed in a soiled toga.   She forgot the letter blown to the
four winds. She forgot Capricorn, she forgot Chronos, and ran toward Herakles.
She did not see a crack in the snow.  She fell in the water.  Herakles tried to
hand her a club.  She grasped at it, but froze in the magically cold water.
The ice was like glass broken from a mirror.  She became perfectly  solid as a
marble statue.  Her face cracked in the middle like broken stone  as she sank
into the icey lake.  Her faced grimaced like the Gorgon as she realized her face
would remain in two parts for all eternity.   Herkles placed the jewel of Hydra
in her hand as she sank.  The crack across her face resealed and her reformed
expression was one of calm and peace.

Yes, these stories are a dime a dozen lifetimes and to tell the truth, a
complete illusion.
I have trully said too much.  I will be silent and only listen..

Keith Price

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