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Karma can Kill (transform) - I don't have to

Sep 10, 1996 04:23 PM
by Keith Price

Whenever I gossip, the thought form of evil usally recoils on me.  I guess it is
a type of black magic.  It seems I am addicted to gossip. As I try to control
one addiction another arises.  I have decided to face my karma rather than run
(which has been my modus operandi for several life time I would conjecture).
HPB said that it is absolutely essential to kill our selfhish desires like
jealousy and ambition before you ask to hear the VOICE OF THE SILENCE.
I have become addicted to posting on theos-roots.  I guess I want a couple of
more posts  before, I abstain.
I have a premonition of my death (based on many factors).  It has brought out
the best in, me and the very, very worst.  .  I hope that this death is the
killing of my character defects and the transformation into a better human
being, but if it is a bodily death, I know that there is more and I can work on
these issues in another lifetime or loka.    I was in an auto accident last year
and this has set into process deep acceptance of the laws of Karma and the
desire to identify with the higher vehicles at the time of death and not with my
wrecked van and lower kama-manas. Like the person in the cartoons who senses the
end is near, it is funny to others because they sense he is the one in
trouble,it is only HIS end that is near.
I think that for most people karma does kill out their selfishness  and desires,
but very slowly, unconsciously over many lifetimes.  HPB suggests that we can do
it consciously.  I am trying to find out for myself.

Keith Price

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