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ALgeo a Capricorn - not a public post, please delete

Sep 10, 1996 04:04 PM
by Keith Price

I am sorry if anyone is offended by my mistake regarding sending a confidental
private e-mail to theos-l by mistake.  I have a sensitivity option of my
compuserve e-mail that I could have marked private and this I hope would have
thrown it off the listserver and it would have not been posted.  I have never
used the private mail sensitivity option.  This could be a very hard lesson
about mis-directed e-mail.

I retract everything I should have not said as it was half-remembered hearsay
that was probably third hand at least and now fourth.
I know I didn't and couldn't hurt John Algeo by such thoughless  remarks (I am
sure many will only shake their head and say; "just consider the source!)   I
was just letting off steam, the way people say: Yeah, that President Clinton is
a real bum, did you see what he did to so and so.   Leaders get this stuff all
the time.
    I hurt only myself. I hope people will totally ignore it!

Keith Price

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